Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 6, 2016

Aha! I was reading posts from 2015 and realized that I am not truly Whole30 compliant. I have a very dry mouth, so I chew sugar free gum when necessary. That means I am ingesting an artificial sweetener. I have decided that for me, I will continue to chew the gum. There really is no other option for my dry mouth problem and I am ok with this.

Two Bacon, Two Fried Eggs, OJ
Coffee with Nutpods cream

Banana, Cashew Butter
Once Again I grabbed my old standby for lunch when away from home. Also ate a satsuma and enjoyed another cup of coffee with Nutpods.


Leftover Steak, Baked Sweet Potato, Cooked Carrots
I sure missed the applesauce tonite!

Warm Apple Cider

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