Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day 36

What a thrill this morning to discover than a favorite pair of pants fits again! It is enough to keep me going in this plan to lose weight, exercise and eat right!

Husband and daughter have had no ill effects of adding grain into their diets.

Today was an odd day for eating. I had breakfast and supper, but I missed lunch. Instead I ate some fruit to tide me over until supper. And when I went walking after supper, I got very weak and shaky. I did not have enough fuel in my system to keep going. As a result I came home and ate cashews with raisins and a Larabar. Lesson learned:

Eat three purposeful meals every day!


Omelet, Avocado, and Strawberries
I am trying to learn how to make omelets. I watched a very old YouTube video of Julie Childs teaching how to make omelets. I need a lot more practice. This one looks pretty good, but it did not have the creaminess that I would like it to have.

Mexican Chicken Soup
Wow is this a delicious soup! Recipe is found here: The cup of cilantro and the lime juice really brought the flavors together.

Exercise: Walk 2.2 miles.

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