Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 54

I certainly am no longer doing the Whole30 as strictly as before. Adding in a bit of dairy with my coffee in the morning; adding in corn and peas. Today I was eating dried cranberries, realizing they are processed with some sugar.

And yet I feel I am keeping with the spirit of the eating plan. Daughter had a mini bundt cake this afternoon---chocolate chocolate chip. I picked it up for her for free at the new Nothing Bundt Cakes store. All they sell are bundt cakes. There were free samples on the counter, but I was not even tempted to try it. Then Daughter offered me a bite; I took a sniff but said no thank you. It smelled like a typical chocolate cake, but I did not care for a bite. Surprised me!

Omelet, Bacon, and Orange Juice

Beef Stir-fry with Snow Peas and Carrots

Mexican Chicken Soup with Avocado

Coffee with Half n Half
Handful of Cashews with Raisins and Cranberries
A Banana

Exercise: None
Not good. I need to walk again.

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