Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 14

I guess after 14 days, eating whole has become a way of life. I don't think of forbidden foods and I don't crave the things I thought I would crave. Today I am curious what would happen if I started sugar again. Will it be worth it? My sister-in-law has had no sugar in more than a year. She does use a bit of artificial sweetener now and then, but she relies on the sweetness of natural foods now. Will I be able to hold out for a whole year???

My digestion has settled down a bit from yesterday. I don't feel like cooking, so we have been eating yummy leftovers.

Fried eggs

Leftover  Beef Stir Fry and Roasted Potatoes

Leftover Asian Chicken Soup

I purchased satsumas today, and they are a delicious treat!

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