Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 29

I think it is safe to say that eating whole foods has not had much effect on the sinus problems each of us faces. While we are not using as much sinus medication as before, we all continue to suffer from stuffed sinuses. I have refrained from using my prescription nasal spray during these 30 days, but I believe I will start up again, as today has been very miserable for me.

It has been a struggle to cook. Because of the septic woes, I am trying to keep dishwashing to a bare minimum. It is hard from me to cook around dirty dishes piled on the counter. Then to catch all water in a dishpan or bucket (then toss outside in the grass---just like the old days!) is such a hassle. Still, we are sticking to the eating plan!

Normally when I am stressed out I would turn to snacking. But even with the furnace out and the septic broken, I am not digging through the cupboards looking for something to eat (mostly because there is nothing there!). I am not dreaming of sweets or baked goods or even chocolate. I don't let myself think that way, but I also don't have that longing either. So this is a big change for me as a result of eating whole foods.

Hard-boiled Eggs and Bacon

Leftover Shepherd's Pie and Apple Crisp

Pork Chops, Roasted Kubota Squash, and Green Beans
I had very thin pork chops that cook quickly in some olive oil. I followed instructions online for cooking the squash. I sliced it open, tossed the seeds, then sliced it. Now, Kubota squash have a very hard rind; I had to use my good knife and pound on it with my meat mallet in order to crack it open. I tossed the slices with coconut oil and salt, then roasted in the oven for half an hour, turning once. The squash was very dry and nearly uneatable. What a disappointment, for it is a very good-tasting squash. Well, I made only half the squash; this week I will try to cook it a completely different way!

Exercise: None

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