Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 24

Such a challenging day. Late this afternoon I discovered our septic system is not working properly. That makes me very stressed, and then I just want to nibble. Since we have no foods in the house outside of the Whole30 plan, I can only make "good" choices of foods to nibble. I could not eat supper, too upset, but I did nibble on some cashews and orange juice. I would have been better off with soup. 

If there had been chocolate or sugar in the house, I would have turned to that. But I don't crave it at all, just want to nibble. 

Breakfast Casserole for the family
Since it was gone, I ate some leftover roasted sweet potatoes, beans, half an avocado and some cashews.

Pot Roast cooked with Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, and Applesauce
Daughter ate seconds of this great food! I, too, enjoyed this meal so much. I should have bought half a cow all the years I've been married. We are eating so well now, and I like having all kinds of cuts of beef in the freezer.

Leftover Vegetable Beef Soup

Exercise: None

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