Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 7

I miss my morning cup of coffee. I don't crave coffee. I just miss having a cup in the morning. Unfortunately I only like coffee if it is sweet and creamy. Sweet and cream is not allowed in these 30 days of whole foods. So I am drinking a hot cup of tea, but it does not have the same comfortable feeling as coffee. I simply enjoy one cup of coffee a day. Enjoy, not crave. (I like this new-found ability to recognize the difference between enjoying and craving!)

And I am still missing eating something sweet after lunch and supper. I don't like the taste in my mouth all day. I can brush my teeth, but it is not enough to keep the meaty taste out of my mouth. Normally I would chew minty gum and that takes care of the problem. But no gum either. I am trying to walk each day, but my mouth gets so dry. Gum helps with that as well.

Our food intake for the day:

Scrambled Eggs

Tacos! Meat Seasoning recipe from
I cooked the meat following the seasoning recipe, and I added a chopped tomato at the end; it was delicious. (I used only a pinch of cayenne.) It was a little spicy, maybe from the smoked paprika as well? I mixed up a veggie guacamole: one carrot finely chopped, one minced green onion, one red pepper finely chopped, then added avocado mixture (2 mashed avocados, garlic powder, salt, and olive oil) and mixed well. I filled romaine lettuce leaves with the meat, topped with the guacamole. It was so yummy!

Leftover Soups, take your pick (minestrone, chicken, or vegetable beef)
I was so glad for leftovers, as we got home just before seven, and I had no energy left to try to make something for scratch! But the soups are gone, and now I must make more.

We have survived the first week of Whole30! Hip Hip!

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