Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 9

A different order to our day. We had soup for lunch and the larger meal for supper. Tonite I am still full at bedtime. I don't like having so much food in my stomach all evening long. Now I know that the switch to soup in the evenings is right for our family.

Daughter is struggling, for she does not feel full unless she has some carbohydrates. I roasted some potatoes for her tonite as she was so hungry. But she is a good sport, keeping with the eating plan.

I am wondering at this point if the craving for something sweet after a meal will ever go away. I did splurge a bit tonite, for I love applesauce with my meals. I cut up two Gala apples and cooked them until soft, then whizzed them in the mini food processor. Oh, it was so good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Husband ate half of it!)

As a family, we discussed how we were feeling after 9 days of eating Whole30. Husband reported his allergy/sinus problems went away for the first six days, but then came back in full force. Daughter observed that her sinus problems are worse. My sinuses are, for the most part, clear during the day, but in the night I get all stuffy again. In fact, the mucus is thicker than ever before.

We will stay the course!

Eggs and Bacon

Leftover Hamburger Veggie Soup

Leftover Chuck Roast with Mashed Sweet and White Potatoes, cooked Carrots, and fresh no-sugar Applesauce.

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